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B2B Social Media Assessment Questions

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Jul 12, 2011 10:15:00 AM

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B2B Social Media Assessment Questions B2B focused businesses stand to benefit from Social Media. And, yet, many shy away from it. Possibly because of the complexity associated with getting started and navigating through all of the business unknowns. Definitely because they perceive that social media will take too much of their precious time. Many don't realize that B2B social media can help with lead generation, with getting more business, building business awareness and credibility with customers

Some businesses, though, realize the benefits and, despite complexity and time constraints, decide to get started with social media. That's when I get to ask questions to determine how best to simplify the social media process for them.

I'd like to share with you my [simple] "B2B social media assessment questions" so you can be thinking about how to get your business involved and benefitting from social media.

B2B Social Media Assessment Questions

1. What are your goals? For your business, for your digital presence, for getting involved in social media.

2. Are you already online? Where? What has worked? What hasn't? Are you part of any online communities? What about offline? How comfortable are you with social networks and with blogging?

3. Who are your customers? What matters to them? What value do you offer them? How do you listen to them? What language do they use? How are they using social media?

4. How do your customers find you online? What words do they use? What patterns have you noticed?

5. Who is your competition? What are they doing online? How are they using social media?

6. Who will be your internal Social Media Champion? This person helps determine your company's voice online. S/he is passionate about engaging in conversation on social media platforms and helps determine internal and external policies.

7. Who else in your organization wants to participate and contribute content? How digitally and socially savvy is the organization? What about management?

8. Have you developed an overall content strategy? What kind of content have you already created? What do you create on an ongoing basis? How do you distribute that content? Is it available online? How do you use your content during the sales process? How frequently do you create new content?  

9. What kind of website analytics do you have available? What data do you actively track? What does success look like? Do you track leads? Do you nurture them? Do you monitor specific keywords? What are they?

10. How do you promote your business and online presence?

11. Which blogs are relevant to your industry? Which blogs do you follow? Do you interact with the authors?

What other questions would you include in this list of B2B social media assessment questions? Let me know in the comments!

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