About Simple Marketing Now

Curious About Simple Marketing Now and How We Can Help You Get Found Online?

What Is Simple Marketing Now?

Simple Marketing Now is an inbound marketing consultancy and certified HubSpot partner focused on helping you get found online with blogssocial media, and content marketing.

Sometimes, that includes paid search and paid social advertising. Regardless, you need high-quality content to tell your story and educate your prospects.

We pride ourselves on marketing that works harder for your business and delivers results.

Simple Marketing Now is a Certified HubSpot Partner

Why “Simple”?

To get to the most basic essence of what you need to accomplish in the marketplace! Simplify and eliminate industry jargon, and other needlessly confusing notions that drive customers away.

This helps you get found online and improve your customer experience with customer-relevant content.

You can then create and implement a content strategy that truly appeals to prospects, attracts them back to your website, and converts them into leads!

The Benefits of Working with Simple Marketing Now

15+ Years of Inbound Marketing Experience
Our founder, Christine B. Whittemore, built a website in 2007 that embraced the principles of inbound marketing before the concept even existed!
A Practical, Focused, Results-Based Approach
Developed working in recessionary environments and with financially-strapped organizations. Sometimes having less gets you more.
Strategic & Tactical Expertise
From strategic vision to implementing the steps to success, analyzing them, developing new ideas, and championing you, Simple Marketing Now is there for you.

What to Expect from Simple Marketing Now

Although each client situation is unique, you can expect the following:

  • A thorough review of what you are currently doing online. 
  • Recommendations on how to improve your digital presence
  • Suggestions on how to strengthen your online content

Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can count on Simple Marketing Now to take what you've already developed and focus first on making those resources more effective online.

Next, we'll jointly develop the vision that's right for your business, and help that vision come to life.

This is NOT about traditional 'push' marketing which interrupts customers.

Rather, it's about listening intensely to customers - including what words they use to search - and then figuring out how to provide them with valuable information that truly helps them in their purchase process.

In so doing, you have the opportunity to build credibility and trust online with potential customers before they actually make a buying decision. Once they are ready, they naturally gravitate toward you.

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