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Inbound Marketing Website Redesign:
Complete Overhaul for!

Website redesigns come in all shapes and sizes. When we say ‘website redesign,’ we are referring to a continuum that represents everything from major changes to an existing site, which still retains some of its look and feel, to replacing an old site with a new one that retains little more than some content.

Kronotex Website Redesign

Here's an example of a website redesign which falls into the 'complete overhaul' category.

You may recognize the room scenes, the 'Floors for Living' font and some content here and there. Other than that, we proudly welcome you to the new and improved website!

Website Redesign Situation:

Kronotex USA is the largest manufacturer of laminate flooring in North America and a division of Swiss Krono Group, a leading producer of laminate flooring in Europe. 

The original site had not been updated since 2005. Only the home page was visible to search engines. The site had not been optimized for search engines and editing, optimizing or improving content was just about impossible to do without programming support.  

To make matters even worse, the visitor experience was not pleasant: the site was neither easy to navigate nor intuitively organized.

The site had no lead generation forms and wasn't integrated with social profiles. It did not help the organization get found online for terms other than 'Kronotex' and it didn't encourage visitors to interact with and learn more about the Kronotex brand.

Website Redesign Inbound Marketing Solution:

We started by identifying the product's buyer personas. The site needs to meet the needs of two groups or personas: consumers looking to learn about, select and care for laminate flooring and retailers/distributors who sell Kronotex laminate flooring in North America.

The site was migrated to a HubSpot content management system and software solution for improved analytics, SEO, lead generation and nurturing, and dynamic content creation via a blog.

Site navigation was reorganized to be more intuitive and to match the buying cycle of consumers. We wanted to provide them with relevant information about laminate flooring, including the story of Kronotex USA. After conducting a thorough content audit, we determined that we needed offers to promote the product to visitors and potential customers. These offers are available after completing a form and sharing an email address.

In addition to offers, the site boasted a Blog and Newsroom; it was fully integrated with social profiles.

Website Redesign Results:

Inbound Marketing Improves Engagement

Upon launching the new site in June 2012, it immediately began generating leads, boasting a conversion rate of ~30%. 

Equally dramatic has been the significant increase in site engagement:

  • Visitors to the previous site viewed 1.59 pages and spent 1:21 minutes per visit.
  • Visitors to the new site view 4.24 pages while spending 3:05 minutes per visit.

[Note that the tools visitors interact with are digital and require no fulfillment resources.] 

The previous site had 70 pages indexed by search engines. The new site, within one month had 122 pages indexed. This will only increase over time as new blog articles are published, and new content added to the website. 

The Kronotex Blog published 2 articles per week for a year and a half; then once per week.

This website redesign project represents a collaboration with BrandBiz Inc.

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