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June 2021 >> Check out Coverings Canada: How to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience



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Whittemore Joins Floor Focus Magazine as 'Social Savvy' Columnist


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Interviews with Christine B. Whittemore and Press Mentions about inbound marketing

Interviews, Articles & Press Mentions About Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Social Media:

Social Savvy Column in Floor Focus Magazine


Social Savvy: How social media tools can help you maximize your online presence - May 2020

Social Savvy: Using LinkedIn for business – Nov 2019

Social Savvy: How curious are you about social media for your business? Jun 19


June 2018 - Are you listening socially? What do you hear? How are you responding?

April 2018 - Are you monitoring social networks for mentions?

February 2018 - To be or not to be... social in business


Articles in Floor Covering News

1/8-15/2018 - Don't be afraid of the big bad social media wolf by Lindsay Baillie

11/20/2017 - Marketing Online: Make the most of social networking by Lindsay Baillie

3/27-4/3/2017 - Marketing Online: 10 tips to help you create an effective social media strategy by Lindsay Baillie

11/21-28/2016 - Rock solid tips on connecting (virtually) with customers

11/7-14/2016 - Putting social media to work for your business. Expert Advice on Helping Dealers Take the Virtual Plunge 

1/18/2016 - Al’s Column: Get the most out of social networking by Christine B. Whittemore

2/9/2015 - LisBiz Strategies: Haven’t I seen that blog before?

1/16/2015 - Educating the industry: Have you walked in your customers’ digital shoes? by Christine B. Whittemore

1/19-26/2015 - The ins and outs of marketing to the female customer

12/22-29/2014: Educating the Industry - Have you walked in your customers' digital shoes?

10/27-11/3/2014 - Marketing online: The dos and don’ts of Facebook

7/7-14/2014 - Pinterest: Inspiring consumers with visual appeal

4/28-5/5/2014 - Social networking: Know target audience, keep content current

5/13-20/2013 - My take: Who’s driving the industry and how? and People driving the industry


Floor Focus Magazine

April 2015  - "Digital Marketing. Engaging today's consumer to boost sales," by Calista Sprague


Floor Trends Magazine

April 2014 - Who in Flooring Has Time For Social Media? You Do


TalkFloor Radio


Business Growth Summit Online Presentation

Read highlights from Whittemore's presentation:  7 Steps To Get Found Online or listen to her on Vimeo.

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