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Consider Contextual Marketing To Be More Relevant to Your Visitors.

Context-Marketing_400x280Are you familiar with context marketing?

It's also known as "smart" marketing. It's about making your content marketing that much more personalized and relevant to visitors based on data about them.

  • This can be data about the device they're using while searching for solutions you offer.
  • Or data about their location or IP address.
  • Or data relating to interactions you've had with them during previous visits to your site.

That's what makes it smart. It adapts to your visitor, creating an experience unique to him or her. You're adapting your content to their context and creating greater meaning for them. It goes hand-in-hand with inbound marketing, too.

If you're wondering about practical examples of contextual marketing, think Amazon and how it customizes the selections you see based on your browsing and purchase experience.

Other examples include personalization in emails that you receive where your name is included in the subject or in the salutation. (We've included an example of a personalization token below.)

In the case of your website, you can do so, too, when you use HubSpot's CMS or Content Management System which includes several smart content tools for creating better context and ultimately delivering marketing that your prospects love:


  • Smart text modules to be used on site pages or landing pages
  • Smart CTAs or calls to action
  • Smart forms where fields adapt based on specific information received
  • Personalization tokens which can be used in email marketing as well as in website content (be cautious, though, as this case contribute to the 'eek' factor).

Here's a smart call-to-action button which will change depending on whether you've already downloaded this specific Content Marketing offer we're highlighting. If you have, you'll see another offer, and you'll be asked different questions in the form you complete to access the offer:

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In HubSpot, you can modify content on your web pages based on these contextual situations: 

  • Location (imagine the implications for countries with different languages!)
  • Device type
  • Lifestage - based on previous visits
  • Persona - based on self-selecting the role that best represents you in a form

We'll show you below how it all works and comes together. If you're sufficiently intrigued that you want to schedule an inbound marketing assessment, simply click on the button!

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What if your context is based on what type device you use?

Mobile-Affects-ContextAfter all, your device matters to your online user experience.

On a desktop, you have more real estate. You can read more in one sitting.

Same goes for a tablet.

On a mobile device, though, there's a lot less space. Chances are, too, that you're pressed for time and looking for specific information... fast. That's what has inspired Google latest mobile-friendly algorithm change (aka mobilegeddon - see Google's New Search Algorithm Stokes Fears Of 'Mobilegeddon').

For this example, we'll offer you more options if you're visiting from a desktop vs. from a mobile device. More specifically, 

>> Check out the brilliant content on our blogs (this link will take you to one of our three blogs so be sure to explore!) 

>> Consider browsing through some of our case studies

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And, on the mobile device there won't be a photo.

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What if your context is based on whether you're a first-time visitor or you've already downloaded a content offer and have become a 'lead' in the HubSpot system?

Context-based-on-being-first-time-visitorThat matters to your online experience.

You might not be comfortable having us say "hi there" (using a personalization token to pull your first name) on your first visit. However, you may really appreciate if we show you a content offer more in-tune with your familiarity with Simple Marketing Now.

So, if you're a first-time visitor - and perhaps less comfortable with digital and social media marketing - you may be interested in our Get Started With Social Media Guide.

Download the Free Getting Started With Social Media Guide! (If you've already visited, we'll share a different offer with you.)

BTW - this is different from the smart call-to-action button above where only the button changes. Here, this entire section will change.

Can you imagine the possibilities for creating content marketing that is more meaningful to your prospects based on their context? This isn't about being creepy. Rather, it's about being respectful and listening really carefully to your visitors.

Intrigued and ready to learn more about contextual marketing and how it fits into your inboung marketing? 

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