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Press Mentions & Interviews With Simple Marketing Now

Press mentions and interviews with Simple Marketing Now

Simple Marketing Now Is Proud To Have Participated In Interviews & Been Featured in Industry News

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We're proud to have been involved in press mentions and interviews with friends and associates in the content marketing, social media marketing, and flooring worlds and have gathered here, on this page, links to those interviews going back to Simple Marketing Now's founding in March 2009.

As with Simple Marketing Now's press releases, these press mentions and interviews give you a sense for the projects and presentations we participate in and our passion for blogs, social media, content marketing and getting found online.


Print Interviews & Press Mentions About Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Social Media:

Articles in Floor Covering News

3/27-4/3/2017 - Marketing Online: 10 tips to help you create an effective social media strategy by Lindsay Baillie

11/21-28/2016 - Rock solid tips on connecting (virtually) with customers

11/7-14/2016 - Putting social media to work for your business. Expert Advice on Helping Dealers Take the Virtual Plunge 

1/18/2016 - Al’s Column: Get the most out of social networking by Christine B. Whittemore

2/9/2015 - LisBiz Strategies: Haven’t I seen that blog before?

1/16/2015 - Educating the industry: Have you walked in your customers’ digital shoes? by Christine B. Whittemore

1/19-26/2015 - The ins and outs of marketing to the female customer

12/22-29/2014: Educating the Industry - Have you walked in your customers' digital shoes?

10/27-11/3/2014 - Marketing online: The dos and don’ts of Facebook

7/7-14/2014 - Pinterest: Inspiring consumers with visual appeal

4/28-5/5/2014 - Social networking: Know target audience, keep content current

5/13-20/2013 - My take: Who’s driving the industry and how? and People driving the industry

Floor Focus Magazine

April 2015  - "Digital Marketing. Engaging today's consumer to boost sales," by Calista Sprague

Floor Trends Magazine

April 2014 - Who in Flooring Has Time For Social Media? You Do


Podcast and Radio Interviews

We've organized radio interview and podcast content by year.

Let us know if you have any questions!


2012 Interviews & Press Mentions About Social Media Marketing:

SAP GameChangers 2013 PredictionsIn 2012, here are the interviews and press mentions we were involved in:

2011 Interviews & Press Mentions About Social Media Marketing:

In 2011, here are the interviews and press mentions we were involved in:

TalkFloor Radio

Business Growth Summit: Whittemore 2011 'Get Found Online' Online Presentation

Business Growth Summit: Get Found Online, September 2011 - read highlights from Whittemore's presentation - see 7 Steps To Get Found Online or listen to her on Vimeo

Mentions & Online Contributions

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2010 Simple Marketing Now Interviews

In 2010, we took part in the following interviews:

TalkFloor Radio


Mentions & Online Contributions

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2009 Interviews and Press Mentions about Social Media and Content Marketing

These are the press mentions and interviews that Simple Marketing Now took part in in 2009.

TalkFloor Radio Interviews

Whittemore on User Friendly Thinking Radio with Bizzuka's Paul Chaney and John Munsel on November 6, 2009

Whittemore On Customers Rock! Radio re: the customer experience, social media and Bathroom Blogfest 09, October 19, 2009

Floor Industry Marketing Simplified | Simple Marketing Now, FindAnyFloor.Com, 8/10/09

Surfaces' attendee advisory council gets ready for next year's show, Floor Covering News, July 6/13, 2009

The Frederick News-Post Online, Enough, already! editorial published 7/6/09. Article no longer available, but mention included in Simplicity, A Dominant Trend.

Kemp Harr, publisher of and Floor Focus magazine interviews Whittemore about social media, blogs and the new CRI Blog. Published 6/4/09

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