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Attract more traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, and nurture the right ones into becoming your customers. How? Develop and implement a powerful business blogging content strategy with Simple Marketing Now.
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Are You dealing with these ONLINE MARKETING challenges?

  • Do you need more visitors to your website so you can generate more leads online?
  • Do your website and online marketing strategy need updating?
  • Are you trying to develop a content marketing strategy that includes blogging for business?
  • Are you using HubSpot - or another marketing automation software solution - and not sure how to make it add value? 
  • How are you keeping track of your leads, prospects and customers? Are you using a CRM?




Simple Marketing Now will help you and your team so you get attract more leads and prospects to your website.

We will help you become experts in HubSpot, marketing automation software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. 

We will help you make sense of things online so you transform your website into your 24/7 sales & marketing associate and most valuable business asset.

Are you ready to make inbound marketing work for you?

Learn About Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

forget outbound! Implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is the better digital alternative to traditional marketing and advertising that no longer work.

Inbound Marketing is a complete solution for getting more customers. Start with attracting more traffic to your site, generating leads and converting those leads into customers. It makes full use of digital marketing tools and marketing automation. 

Content and business blogging are the stars.  

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Learn About Digital Marketing

Make Business Blogging & Social Media Part of your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing focuses on making your website really efficient at getting more customers online. That's with with unpaid as well as paid search. With a business blog, you ensure that the time you spend on social networks and with digital marketing actually supports your business.

Social media all alone can consume a lot of time without leading to more traffic to your site or leads to grow. Make your time count!

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Learn About Content Marketing

Commit to Customer-Focused Content Marketing

Content Marketing helps you get more customers.

How? Because you create valuable educational information about how your solutions match their needs.

A content strategy enables you to develop and put in place high quality content for your online presence. That includes your website, your lead generation offers, your business blog as well as your social networking interactions.

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We have integrated Simple Marketing Now into several of our clients' businesses to great success. Christine indeed simplifies today's profound changes in marketing. She combines a deep understanding of digital and social with a classical marketer's approach to branding. That's a rare mix of talents and we couldn't be happier to offer Simple Marketing Now services to our clients.

Nora DePalma, ORDP

Nora DePalma

President & CEO | Dialogue:

Christine's passion for a great customer experience and no-nonsense approach is smart marketing. Her strong understanding of marketing fundamentals combined with a keen eye and steadfast monitoring of metrics provides quantifiable results that will improve your bottom line.  Christine will help you understand what marketing efforts your business should be engaging in, guide you there, and show you the results.  

Bill Buyok, Avente Tile

Bill Buyok

Owner | Avente Tile 

Christine has been more than a consultant to Tile Outlets of America. Her knowledge, intellect and experience are readily apparent and over the past several years her role has evolved to that of a trusted adviser who has played and continues to play an integral role in the development and day-to-day management of our social media and web site marketing efforts. 

Don Aronin, Tile Outlets of America

Don Aronin

CEO | Tile Outlets of America

Christine Whittemore is a consultant who can quickly mine years of experience in business and apply it to your individual situation. She brings together a great combination of strategic and tactical thinking, always ensuring tactics match strategy.

Easy to work with, generous with ideas, and committed to high standards. 

Susan Abbott, Abbott Research + Consulting

Susan Abbott

President | Abbott Research + Consulting

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