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Do these online marketing frustrations sound familiar?

"Traditional marketing isn't working as effectively as it used to."

"How do I connect with customers online and generate leads for my business?"

"We're doing social media; why isn't it driving more business?"

"I'm overwhelmed keeping up with search engine algorithm changes, email marketing, marketing automation and social networks! How can all these digital marketing tools help my business?"

"I need to update my website and marketing strategy. How do I get started?"

"We can't wait anymore; we need to get found online."

"We are using HubSpot and need help implementing it successfully."

If you're ready to tackle these business frustrations, let's talk. 

We'll work with you to learn more about your business and determine the best approach to help you get found online and start generating leads. We want you to be successful online. 

1. Consider an Inbound Marketing Strategy 

Inbound Marketing acknowledges that traditional marketing and advertising no longer work. Inbound Marketing represents a complete solution for getting found online, generating leads and converting those leads into customers. It makes full use of digital marketing tools and marketing automation. Content marketing plays a starring role. 

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If you've already implemented HubSpot, we would love to help you be successful! Simple Marketing Now is a Certified HubSpot Partner.  

2. Make Social Media an Integral Part of your Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing focuses on making your website as efficient as it can be so your business will get found online. It helps ensure that the time you spend on social networks and with digital marketing tools supports your business. Social media all alone can consume a lot of time without leading to more traffic to your site or leads to nurture.

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3. Commit to a Customer-Focused Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing helps you connect with prospects and customers with valuable educational information about how your solutions address their needs. A Content Marketing strategy enables you to develop and implement sound content for your online presence - which includes your website, offers and blog as well as your social networking profiles


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