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Simple Marketing Now Content Marketing Tip Sheets, Guides and Articles

Simple Marketing Now's tip sheets, guides and articles get to the essence of what you need to know about a specific online marketing topic so you can get started. In this case, Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing Tip Sheets

Effective content marketing connects with readers and visitors. It educates, it builds trust, it reflects your voice and personality, it helps you develop a relationship. It is content you create for your website, your blog, your social media networks, and which you use in marketing materials, presentations and communications shared offline, too. 

Content Marketing Case Studies

See our case studies for examples of blogs and content marketing in action.

Simple Marketing Now Content Marketing Guides

Simple Marketing Now's 'Get Started' Guides start with the tip sheets and go into considerable more detail with tips, best practices and examples. The Content Marketing Guide is detailed below. Click on the link, and scroll down to browse through Content Marketing articles we've included in our Resource Library. 

Content Marketing Guide

Simple Marketing Now's Content Marketing Guide explores the 3 pillars of content marketing:

Keywords, Personas and the Buying Process in this 12 page guide.

Click on Content Marketing Guide to download your copy and learn more. 




Business Blogging Guide

Simple Marketing Now's Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Business Blog describes how to ensure that your business blog fits into your overall business strategy in this 22 page business blogging guide.

Click on Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Business Blog to download your copy and learn more.





Content Marketing is Customer Focused

By the way, if you spend a great deal of time thinking about your customers, you may find the following resources of interest as they capture the notion of 'walking' in your customers' shoes.
  • Marketing To Women and the Customer Retail ExperienceContent marketing is about publishing content that prospects and customers care about. The more attention you pay to your customer experience, the better your content will be. Given our focus on the customer experience and that we've written and presented considerably on the topic of Marketing to Women, we've also developed: 

Content Marketing Institute Articles

We have contributed the following articles to the Content Marketing Institute:

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