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Press Releases About Simple Marketing Now

Press releases about Simple Marketing Now

Press Releases Issued by Simple Marketing Now

On this page, you'll find links to the press releases that Simple Marketing Now has issued since its founding in March 2009. They give you a sense for the projects and presentations we participate in.

Coverings-2012-Featured-Session-NTCA_(1)We've organized the content by year, with the most recent first.

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2011 Simple Marketing Now Press Releases

12/12/11: Surfaces 2012 "Social Media: How To For Business" Workshop. Practical Advice To Get Found Online and Connect With Customers

11/14/11: November 2011 Social Flooring Index Update Includes More Blogs; CRI Blog Continues Most Influential

10/17/11: Bathroom Blogfest 2011 Urges 33 Bloggers to 'Climb Out', Reinvent Customer Experience

9/12/11: Business Growth Summit Experts Describe How To Increase Profits; Whittemore Addresses 'Getting Found Online'

8/19/11: Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY Holds 2011 Elections ~Whittemore Confirmed Co-President

7/11/11: Floor Covering News Highlights 25 Women in Flooring Industry in 25th Anniversary Issue

6/7/11: Kinnelon Public Library Announces New Library Board of Trustees Member

5/24/11: How To Generate More Leads With Social Media at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2011

4/29/11: NJ American Marketing Association Presents "How To Manage Your Company's Reputation in a Social World" 5/10/11, Marriott Hanover]

4/26/11: April 2011 Social Flooring Index Update Just Released! [html version of Social Flooring Index April 2011 Update]

4/18/11: FCA Network 2011 Annual Convention Focused on 'Getting More For Less' [html version of FCA Network 2011 Annual Convention release

3/29/11: New York Law School Panel Discussion Addresses 'Getting the Most Bang Out of a Social Media Boom' [html version of New York Law School Panel Discussion]

2/28/11: Concerned About How To Manage Your Company's Reputation in a Social World? MarketingProfs Online Seminar Shares Valuable Insights[html version of MarketingProfs online seminar]

2/14/11: Practical Marketing & Business Survival Guide to be Highlighted at Coverings 11 [html version of Coverings 11]

1/13/11: Whittemore Surfaces Sessions Focus on Connecting With Customers [html version]

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2010 Simple Marketing Now Press Releases

11/15/10: Being Found Online Critical to Success of Small to Medium Businesses as Customers Search Online 

11/8/10: How Effective Are Small to Medium Business Websites?

11/1/10: Small and Medium Businesses Embrace LinkedIn Profiles As Vibrant Element of Business Marketing 

9/21/10: Nufloors Turns Flooring Customers Into Advocates [release available as Nufloors html]  

8/23/10: Social Flooring Index Tracks Flooring Social Media Conversations [release available in HTML[#10-10]

6/29/10: Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY Holds 2010 Elections [release available in HTML[#9-10

6/21/10: Newly Launched Content Marketing Institute Offers Practical Content Marketing Advice [release available inHTML[#8-10

5/24/10: Age of Conversation 3 Highlights Social Media Marketing Best Practices [release available in HTML [#7-10]

5/10/10: How To Manage A Company’s Social Reputation? Social Media Club North Jersey Shares Crucial Tips [release available in HTML [#6-10

4/20/10: Whittemore Addresses 'Flooring The Consumer' At The Luxury Marketing Council Orlando [release available inHTML[#5-10

4/15/10: Whittemore Addresses Integrated Social Media Marketing During Coverings 2010 [release available in HTML[#4-10]

3/1/10:  Whittemore Raises Bar in Social Media Marketing Expertise [release available in HTML[#3-10]

1/14/10:  Whittemore To Keynote Big Bob's Flooring Annual Convention [release available in HTML[#2-10]]

1/5/10:  Whittemore Addresses Social Media marketing Best Practices During Surfaces 2010 [release available in HTML[#1-10]

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