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Simple Marketing Now Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Tip Sheets, Guides and Articles

Simple Marketing Now's tip sheets, guides and articles get to the essence of what you need to know about a specific online marketing topic so you can get started. In this case - Digital Marketing, which includes social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), and website redesign.

Digital Marketing Resources

Digital Marketing Tip Sheets

Simple Marketing Now's 'Get Started' Guides start with the tip sheets and go into considerable more detail with tips, best practices and examples. The guides are detailed below. Click on the links, or scroll down to browse through our Resource Library.
Social Media Marketing Guides include:

For information relating to blogs and online content, visit Simple Marketing Now's Content Marketing Resources.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

See our Website Redesign case studies.

Digital Marketing Articles and References

Here follows a listing of articles relating to digital marketing and social media marketing which we have published.

The Age of Conversation, a series of three unique global collaborative books to benefit Variety, the children’s charity and Charity:Water. The books are available on Amazon.  

Digital Marketing Articles Published on MarketingProfs:

  • Managing Your Reputation in a Social World, MarketingProfs PRO Online Seminar, 3/10/11 

  • Still Holding Back? 10 (Business) Reasons to Participate in Social Media, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 2/21/11

  • Reinventing Bus Travel: Clean, Convenient & Connected, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 8/17/10

  • How About Making Customer Service More Social?, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 6/16/10

  • 10 Tips For Being Found Online & Connecting With Customers, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 4/15/10

  • Integrating Social Into Traditional:  10 Tips For A Remarkable Blogger Event, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 10/6/09

  • Ignite Your Consumer-Dealer Sales with Dealer Ignition's Dealer Promotion Network, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 8/3/09

  • Creating Community Through Relevant Local Information, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 6/17/09

  • 10 Tips To Not Trip Up a Speech, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 11/26/07 

  • Which Comes First: The Policy or the Blog, MarketingProfs, 10/09/07 [registration required]

  • Which Comes First: The Policy or the Blog, MarketingProfs Daily Fix, 10/09/07

Scroll through the Resources in Simple Marketing Now's Digital Marketing Library! 

Explore a Content Pillar Page  about Successful Inbound Marketing

Website Redesign Guide

Simple Marketing Now's Website Redesign 101 Guide details 7 questions to ask before getting started with a website redesign. This 18 page guide will help you focus on what matters in a website.

Click on Download Simple Marketing Now's Website Redesign 101 Guide to learn more and download your copy.




Getting Started With Social Media Guide

Simple Marketing Now's Getting Started With Social Media Guide takes our 10 tips to a deeper level for exploring social media.

In 7 pages, you'll not find advice from social media experts and perspective on how social media offers a means for building relationships with those who matter most to your business. 

Click on Getting Started With Social Media Guide to learn more and download your copy.  



Simple Marketing Now's Twitter Guide

Simple Marketing Now's free 10 page Twitter Guide will help you make sense of Twitter for business. It provides a primer for the language of Twitter, explains how to get more meaning out of the river of Twitter updates and take part in Twitter Chats.

Click on Free Getting Started With Twitter Guide to learn more and download your copy.




LinkedIn Guide

Simple Marketing Now's LinkedIn Guide will help you prioritize what to do first on LinkedIn. This 12 page reference guide describes LinkedIn's advanced features - including Groups and Answers - and how to use them.

Click on Download Simple Marketing Now's LinkedIn Guide to learn more and download your copy.




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