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Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Going Beyond the Basics in Social Media Marketing...

Social Media Conversation Monitoring

If you want to be involved in social media based conversations, the first thing you need to do is listen to the conversations taking place! These conversations are taking place with you or without you and finding out where and what they are allows you to identify influencers in your community and develop relationships with them [this is often referred to as 'blogger relations']. Listen first, talk second.

Listen to the Social Conversations Taking Place

Simple Marketing Now will monitor conversations relevant to your industry using eCairn Conversation, a powerful social media monitoring platform, based on content topics you identify and recommend follow-up and engagement with specific bloggers.  

Map Your Community of InfluencersTwo steps are involved in effectively monitoring social media based conversations relevant to you:

  • Identifying sources to listen to [i.e., developing a database], map out your community and develop topics to monitor
  • Ongoing monitoring of those sources to identify trends and sentiment and engage with influencers

Other Social Media, Content and Inbound Marketing Services Offered.

In addition to these popular social media and content marketing products, Simple Marketing Now can provide you with:

Social Media Marketing Training: learn the ins & outs, best practices and how to make sense of the most popular social media marketing tools in use: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare... These can be in-person or online and customized for your organization.

Blog Coaching: We have extensive experience with blogs and can coach you on how to maintain a strong blog presence and consistently offer your readers content they value as well as become part of your greater blog community.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy Consulting Services: We will help you integrate social media and content marketing into your overall business so that your marketing works harder to deliver results for you and you get found online. We help businesses strengthen their marketing, improve their digital visibility and make use of available online tools to better connect with potential customers.

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