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Retail Experience in the News - 2/24/12

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Feb 24, 2012 9:45:00 AM

Retail Experience in the News
Here are the Retail Experience in the News links and resources for Friday 2/24/12. I'd love to hear which you find most interesting!

Retail Experience Ideas

Preparing for Store 3.0

How JC Penney could transform the way America shops


Retail Experience and the Consumer

Affluents, Coupons and the implications of a Female-driven marketplace

Macy's Mantra: put the customers at the center of everything

Consumers create the basis for growth strategies: Retail predictions for 2012


Integrating Offline/Online Customer Experience

Are mobile bar codes a fad or here to stay?

TrendWatching Briefing for February 2012 about Point-Know-Buy. Why infolusty, spontaneity-loving consumers will embrace instant visual information gratification 

How to integrate mobile into the retail experience: The Smartphone Shopping Experience Needs to Come Inside the Store

The click of heels: How online shoping in changing the face of fashion. Online shopping for fashion is no longer about deals. Now, it's driven by convenience and personalization

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