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Social Flooring Index - April 2011

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Thu, Apr 21, 2011

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Socil Flooring Index April 2011The April 2011 update of the Social Flooring Index goes into even more depth analyzing the social state of the floor covering industry.

In Social Flooring Blog Index - April 2011, you'll notice that 168 are included compared to 88 in August 2010 and 53 in April 2010. Furthermore, the list has been broadened to include tile, stone, building materials, DIY and commercial sources.

When you think how diverse the overall flooring industry is, it only makes sense that this listing of flooring blogs reflect a similar diversity.

The next segment - How Networked Is The Social Flooring Blog Index - April 2011 - explores how socially networked all of these blogs are.

You see, a critical aspect of participating in social media is doing so for 'social' reasons to engage with readers and others with whom you share common interests. Doing so helps to build the credibility and trustworthiness of a blog and business, and make the content more relevant and a lot more interesting.

As I mention in that post "Being social consists of being open to interaction. It also means being open to other points of view and proactively including those other perspectives - via a blogroll, which lists other blogs of interest, and by referring to other blog articles relevant to the topic being discussed."

How Networked Is The Social Flooring Blog Index April 2011
In Social Flooring Index Tribes - April 2011, I explore three distinct groups or tribes that exist within the overal Social Flooring Index community.
Geo-Location & Social Flooring Blog Index - April 2011 looks at those blogs [39%] in the Social Flooring Index which include geographic location information.
Finally, in Social Flooring Index Conversations - April 2011 you get a chance to explore the conversations taking place among the 168 blogs: 7,571 conversations in the last 6 months; 45 posts per blog over 6 months, or 1.877 blog posts per week.

As always, I invite you to read through the analysis and explore the flooring blogs listed.

Let me know what you find more interesting and how you might apply these ideas to your business...

Thanks for being part of this social media marketing journey in flooring!



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