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Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Thu, Sep 24, 2009

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Welcome to the Social Flooring Index!
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I launched the Social Flooring Index on July 6, 2009 to capture who in flooring is doing what with social tools.

You see, flooring retailers and manufacturers are definitely getting involved with social media tools. Whereas very little was happening in 2008, 2009 is a different story. Simply do a search and you'll notice how many flooring related Facebook and Twitter accounts and also blogs now exist.

The Social Flooring Index looks specifically, at this point, at Twitter, Facebook and blog activity. And, it focuses in on flooring related manufacturers, retailers and service providers. In other words, there should be talk related to flooring taking place in these venues...

I launched the Beta version of the Index in early July 2009 on Flooring The Consumer, my blog about the retail experience, marketing to women and social media, in three posts:

+ The Social Flooring Index - Beta Version: Twitter
+ Social Flooring Index: Facebook - Beta
+ Social Flooring Index: Blogs - Beta

Very soon, I'll issue the official version of the Social Flooring Index here on this site, aptly named I plan to update it on a quarterly basis.

In the meantime, please do visit the Beta versions and let me know if you see anyone missing. I've already received several updates and look forward to monitoring how much has changed socially since July in flooring.

I also anticipate examining how strategic the use of these various social tools is to the business of those retailers and manufacturers experimenting with the tools of social media marketing. That should be fascinating!

Oh, a few gentle reminders.

1. Please do comment, but don't if you intend to pitch me in any way. That's essentially SPAM in my book and I will delete your comment.

2. Please do be respectful.

3. Please do be aware that if your comments are particularly thought-provoking, I may follow up with you and/or refer to your comments in subsequent posts.

4. For anything else, please do use common sense.

Thank you for visiting and letting me know your thoughts and reactions to the Social Flooring Index. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do.

C.B. Whittemore

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