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Marketing With Instagram at Coverings: Arpi Nalbandian Shares Highlights

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on March 27, 2017

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 Marketing With Instagram at Coverings

Arpi Nalbandian has an eye for visual content, especially when it comes to capturing the beauty of the tile industry on visual social networks such as Instagram. During Coverings17, she and fellow visual tile maven Irene Williams will share wisdom about marketing with Instagram. In anticipation of those sessions, I caught up with Arpi to learn more.

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Arpi Nalbandian discusses marketing with Instagram at Coverings17 BYTE session

C.B.: Arpi, tell us about yourself and your background.

AN: Christine, I’m a writer, editor, blogger and Social Media consultant who is passionate about tile, design and architecture.

Currently, I’m the owner and founder of Tileometry, a contributor to Avente Tile’s “Tile Talk” blog, a BlogTour alumni, speaker/presenter, and Associate Editor/Social Media Director for ProInstaller magazine.

With more than 25 years of editorial expertise, and many years of travel and personal experiences within the tile industry, my passion for the tile industry continues to be fueled with unique opportunities. In turn, these experiences have lent new perspectives to my client base.

Further, I feel my enthusiasm for social media and efforts in educating others in understanding the DOs and DON’Ts of online etiquette, sharing tips and tricks, and how to engage with a desired audience, has enabled me to be a part of design-oriented events, including several editions of Coverings as a speaker, panelist and session moderator.


C.B.: How did you get immersed in tile?

AN: I’ve always been fascinated by tile, actually, any handmade product that requires skill, artistic vision and creativity.

As I started my career in journalism, and later segued into trade publications, my focus happily landed on a tile-centric industry magazine of which I served as editor for several years.

C.B.: You’re participating in BYTE sessions at Coverings17 on Instagram. What are highlights that you’ll cover?

AN: I’m very excited to be co-presenting “Picture This: Instagram as a Customer Connection Tool” with my friend and colleague Irene Williams, founder and CEO of MSG2MKT.

We’ll be addressing how to incorporate Instagram into marketing and social media programs; top Instagram apps and practices; using hashtags and creating visuals to inspire responses; and more.

Our BYTE sessions are scheduled for April 4 (11:15-11:30am) and April 6 (12:15-12:30pm). Both sessions tale place on the Coverings Connect area, Booth 1568,

My only advice is to come prepared with questions. We will have a Q&A section following the BYTE session, as well. I’m looking forward to meeting so many of you!

C.B.: What do you love about Instagram?

AN: Instagram is one of those apps where you love it so much that you tend to overlook some of its less-than-optimal qualities.

The fact that you can essentially connect globally still boggles the mind. Yet, it has become the norm to interact with and become friends with people you have never met. The same can be said of other apps and platforms; however, Instagram feels more intimate in a manner that cannot be duplicated by Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. However, through Instagram, the visual experience has become more personal for both your followers and those whom you are following.

Further, the ability to “like” comments made on the posts has been a wonderful addition!

C.B.: What don’t you like?

AN: There’s one thing that still irks me: Instagram places the photos and videos it thinks you will want to see from the people you follow toward the top of your feed, regardless of the time those posts were originally shared.

Basically, Instagram’s feed has turned into Facebook’s feed.

C.B.: Do you have several Instagram accounts? Why?

AN: I do have several Instagram accounts in addition to Tileometry.

I recently launched my personal account, which focuses on great food finds or that I have made myself, and the Instagram accounts of a my clients.

Each account has its own character and voice.

Having immediate access to these accounts has been a time-saving addition!

C.B.: How have you grown your Instagram following? 

AN: I’m a big believer in growing followers organically, meaning, they find Tileometry through recommendations, blog posts, articles, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

I don’t like to “pay to play” because eventually, those followers you have bought, will drop out. Slow and steady growth is worth the time and effort.


C.B.: How much time do you spend on Instagram per day/week and how do you organize your time? 

AN: This is a tricky question. Generally, I’m on and off throughout the day liking and commenting, as well as researching new images to repost.

For Tileometry, I post one image daily. However, during industry events and shows, such as Coverings, I will post multiple times per day to share new tile products with my followers.

C.B.: What are your favorite Instagram tools/apps?

AN: My favorite app is IFTTT (If This Then That). This app allows you to cross-post effortlessly across the social media platforms you use.

Currently, I have it set up where my Instagram posts go directly to Twitter, complete with the image and link redirected back to Tileometry’s Instagram account.

Recently, I set up IFTT to post to Pinterest on a special board I set up specifically for Instagram images. After testing several variations, I prefer this method rather than auto-posting to Facebook.

C.B.: Arpi, how has Instagram changed over the past 1-2 years? What’s ahead?

AN: Well, with videos and being able to toggle between several Instagram accounts you manage, the time-saving changes implemented has been very beneficial.

I’m looking forward to seeing additional changes!

C.B.: What advice do you have for tile people just getting started?

AN: My best advice would be to start by following favorite people or companies, and to learn from them. I often receive direct messages on Tileometry from people who are just starting their accounts. Of course, I’m always happy to help out!

Above all, represent you and what your brand/company stands for! You are your brand’s greatest ambassador! Have fun, get inspired by others, and by all means, be patient. In time, you’ll find that what works best for you and your brand comes about with the tried-and-true trial and error method

Marketing With Instagram at Coverings: Arpi Nalbandian Shares Highlights

C.B.: Arpi, what's the best way to reach you online?

AN: The best way to reach me is online via the various social media and design platforms:

I can always be reached by email, too, via

C.B.: Thank you, Arpi!

Are you ready to learn more about marketing with Instagram? Be sure to attend the Coverings17 BYTE session and have your questions for Arpi and Irene ready! You can count on valuable insights and beautiful tile images. 

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