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Disney Times Square Retail Experience Reflects Modern Brand

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on October 17, 2011

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Disney Times Square Retail Experience Reflects Modern BranLeave it to Disney or Apple to come up with a truly engaging retail experience.
What's even more appealing is realizing that Apple and Disney might collaborate - as the news that Jobs was assisting with Disney Store Redesign suggests - and having the opportunity to experience the end result firsthand in Times Square in a modern brand interpretation!

A Visit to Disney Times Square

A few weeks ago, before attending a CBSAC/NY monthly management meeting, I had the opportunity to visit and experience the new Disney Times Square store.  I pretended for a few hours that I was keeping up with Tigger while off on a walk with Pooh Bear and Piglet.It was magical - as Disney should be.
I recommend that you read DDI Magazine's March 2011 article titled Modern Magic. It puts into perspective the store and design sensibilities that the store designers brought to life - from the 2,000 square foot billboard facade to the 10,000 square foot Times Square, NYC, retail store.
The store is definitely engaging - despite potential merchandise overload.

Translating the Brand into a Magical Retail Experience

I took many pictures [see below] trying to capture the magic, and was impressed with the flow of the store and the many kid-friendly spaces [aka storytelling neighborhoods] that allowed the kids to play and subtlely entertain themselves in the Disney environment.
Disney Retail Experience
Onto these translucent trees, you would notice Tigger bouncing.

Disney Wall of Stuffed Animals
Yes, plenty of merchandise, but notice how humanely scaled the check out section is.

Disney Cash Wrap

Tinker Bell Pixie Dust
This has to be my favorite and most relaxing section: the escaltor where you'll find Tinker Bell spreading pixie dust and inspiration.

Disney Times Square Magic

Disney Mickey and Minnie

Disney Kid's Theater Area
Kid theater, right?

Disney Magic Castle
It wouldn't be Disney without princesses and castles... right?

Disney kid's play area
I love these kid-friendly play areas that reminded me of IKEA and have nothing to do with princesses and castles!

Disney's Tigger Bouncing By
There goes Tigger! Did you see him?

I truly enjoyed this Disney retail experience. It successfully reimagined the experience to include magic and adventure while keeping the transactional elements at bay. My senses were fully engaged. I was aware of an intense sensory experience, and yet, I didn't rebel. The loud store music helped drown out otherwise distracting kid sounds, while still allowing adult conversation.

The Times Square Disney store - from what I observed - successfully created an intense store experience that redefines the Disney brand experience.

Be sure to check out Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - the Disney Store Times Square is Brand New.

What do you think of the Disney Times Square Store retail experience?

Your turn. What do you think of the Disney Times Square Store retail experience. Does it connect with visitors and potential customers? How might you convince those visitors to take part in this amazing retail experience?

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