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Customers Are People: Tips For Getting More Customers!

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on May 14, 2012 9:45:00 AM

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Crocs email employees
If you are like me, you are concerned about getting more customers.

At the same time, you may have noticed unexpected results from your traditional communications campaigns.

For example, have you noticed how much less mail is coming through your physical mailbox - and how much more through your emailbox?

My natural inclination is to delete these messages - there are just so many.

At the same time, I'm worried about missing critical insights.

[Given the extremes of emotion, no wonder Email Deliverability Takes a Turn for the Worse!]

Overcome, then, with some guilt, I check out the offending emails - only to discover that the messages are barely focused on me. They don't acknowledge me as an individual and don't seem to care that most messages are irrelevant to me. For the most part, they barely acknowledge that I was a customer!

What a way to not connect with customers!

Imagine instead coming across as genuinely human and caring, and being less interested in pushing some special promotion rather than making a human connection.

I would surely rather connect with someone who cares. I bet others would, too!

Given that backdrop, imagine my reaction when I received an email from Crocs with pictures of four Crocs employees [i.e., not super models] explaining why they love a specific product.

I was completely taken. I also enjoyed every moment of it and couldn't wait for my next Crocs communication.

Imagine if all of your customers felt that way!

What made these email communications different? What about them acknowledged that customers are people and offer tips for getting more customers?

1. These email communiations were customized and acknowledged me as me.

2. They included photos of the people sending the messages - making me much more willing to consider them as people and to consider commonality.

3. If I wanted to contact the senders, I could. These email messages included an unique and person-specific email address. Talk about a strong message! 

4. These messages were NOT 100% sales focused. Rather, they included insights and perspectives on products I had purchased and which the store carried. They provided perspective and wisdom - both of which I respected and appreciated.

Based on my experience, I recommend the following:

1. Convey that you are human! Include a photo or signature.
2. Make yourself easy to contact. Include you email and phone number. 
3. Offer value! Don't always focus on promotions and sales. Focus first on what  makes you unique in the marketplace.
4. Welcome visitors! Whether they are ready to buy or just browsing, be welcoming.
5. Be relevant. Don't just send out an email annoucing an event you are offering. Rather, focus on the issues your audience experiences and explain in your message how your event addresses those issues.

What would you add to this list? How do you acknowledge in your communications and interactions that customers are people? What tips would you recommend for connecting with customers?

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