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Customer Experience is Still Climbing Out: Bathroom Blogfest 2012

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Oct 29, 2012 9:45:00 AM

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Bathroom Blogfest 2012: Still Climbing Out

Welcome to the 7th annual Bathroom Blogfest, focused on the customer experience! 

This year's theme - Still Climbing Out - seemed particularly relevant when I read through NY Library To Adopt Ad-Supported Toilet Paper and came across the last paragraph:

"Lettieri was surprised to see articles on her toilet paper selection, of all things, spread across the news media: they have appeared as far afield as NPR and New Delhi television. “We did a magnificent renovation here, and we do all these programs, and we get all this publicity because of toilet paper,” ..."

This notion, of drawing attention to something important - the customer experience - using a topic as universal yet also as voyeuristic as bathrooms, was at the heart of the very first Bathroom Blogfest.

At the same time, it highlights how we undervalue what matters [in the case of the NY Library, a magnificent renovation] unless there's a titillating element. Or a humorous angle.

Do you agree?
I think we're 'still climbing out' on our commitment to the customer experience. We have a ways to go, but there's more attention being focused on bathrooms, especially in public spaces.
  • I admire that Cintas believes in the importance of the bathroom and customer experience and holds a Best Restroom Contest. Talk about raising awareness for what a public bathroom space can aspire to!
  • Imagine the important role that these 13 Loneliest Outhouses on Earth play for some wandering about the wilderness.

And, on a more serious note, imagine the possibilities associated with reinventing the bathroom. The Coming Global Toilet Boom will have you thinking about the future.

Although we're just getting going in focusing on the customer experience, 'still climbing out' holds. Despite the resolutions and the true successes, situations such as 'United Breaks Guitars' or How to Lose IBM Customers: Preposterous Verizon Customer Experience are more the norm than the exception.

How would you ensure that you actually climb out and deliver a memorable customer experience?

Let me know in the comments!

If you come across other interesting bathroom examples - especially those with intriguing visuals - won't you pin them to the board I created for the Bathroom Blogfest?

Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2012!

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