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Flooring The Consumer Blog

11 Top Customer Experience Articles From Flooring The Consumer: 2012

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Jan 2, 2013 10:51:00 AM

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Flooring the consumerHere follow the 11 most read customer experience articles from Flooring The Consumer in 2012.

As you know, I'm partial to customer experience stories. They generate insights about connecting with customers offline and online. They also make me pay attention to my own experiences. I hope they inspire you in 2013.  

The Online Retail Experience: Ecommerce Best Practices

Best Business Marketing Blogs of 2012 Include Flooring The Consumer!

Social Media Examples: Car Dealers

MegaBus Customer Service Experience: Communication Matters

JetBlue Reinvents Airline Customer Experience

Two Small Business Marketing Ideas From Uniqlo

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: 3 Lessons From Ace Hardware

Zappos' Online Retail Experience: Powered By Customers

Get More Customers? Offer Opt-in Email, Text Messages

Happiness and Customer Experience: Interview with Bernd Schmitt

DSW: a Retail Experience for Shoe Lovers

Thanks for reading!

Happy 2013!


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