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Top 6 Customer Experience Articles for 2013 on Flooring The Consumer

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Dec 30, 2013 8:30:00 AM

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Top customer experience articlesHow much do you think about the customer experience you've created? Not just the one you offer via your store or showroom or office, but also the one you offer online. Is it one that expresses to your visitors and customers how much you cherish them?

To inspire you for 2014, I've assembled a list of the top 6 Flooring The Consumer articles from 2013 and included snippets from each. 

1. Reinventing, Re-Imagining the Customer Experience

"The online customer experience has become more efficient for customers than traditional retail experiences. Have you noticed? Isn't it time for reinventing and reimagining it? ..."

2. Bathrooms Affect Retail Experience Say Studies

Did you know that "...dirty restrooms lead to lost business?...  Another study - Restroom Cleanliness Impacts Facility Perception - states that "86 percent of U.S. adults equate the cleanliness of a restaurant's restroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen. The survey also revealed that 75 percent of U.S. adults would not return to a restaurant with dirty restrooms. Regardless of industry, clean restrooms directly impact a business‚ ability to attract and retain customers..."

3. Intuit: Innovation, Customer Experience, BRITE 13

"At this year's 2013 BRITE Conference, Kaaren Hanson, Vice President of Innovation at Intuit, shared deep thoughts on Creating a culture of rapid experimentation. Given my passion for the customer experience and innovation - and my personal experiences using Intuit products, I was spell-bound!

What I enjoyed most was the emphasis on making customer focused innovation everyone's responsibility. It's collaborative, infectious, productive and profitable; it involves rapid and ongoing experimentation. (Customers, by the way, can be internal as well as external.) It's also something that everyone in the company can focus on thanks to 2 days per month of unstructured time which can be banked for later use..."

4. Social Media in Action: FLOFORM Countertops Connects With Customers

"In anticipation of Surfaces 2013 and the panel discussion I am moderating titled "Social Media in Action: Retailers Share Best Practices", I got to talk to Chris Morrissette, marketing coordinator for FLOFORM Countertops.

I first 'met' Chris after publishing the FloForm Countertops Blog: Social Flooring Index Review. What a treat to get to speak to him and learn more about FLOFORM Countertops' social media marketing and the person behind it all...."

5. What's Ahead for the Customer Experience in 2013?

"What do you think is ahead for the customer experience? Think back on 2012 and what resonated. Now look ahead with the benefit of a few weeks of 2013...

Back in November, BuyerZone's Sylvia Rosen asked for 2013 predictions as well as the best blog post of 2012 for The End of the Year EditionThe 12 Best Blogs of 2012 (with Flooring The Consumer in position #7!)..."

6. Recharge, Renew. Overcoming Customer Experience Overload in Las Vegas

"There's nothing quite like a trip to Las Vegas to make me appreciate sensory overload and the customer experience. That, in turn, has me wondering how best to recharge and renew given the onslaught of sensory stimulation..."

Your Turn: What's Ahead for 2014?

What are your customer experience plans for 2014? What will you focus on? What will you change? Let me know.

Thanks for reading. I wish you great success in the New Year! 


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