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Bathroom Blogfest 2011: Takes Place Next Week!

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Oct 21, 2011 2:22:00 PM

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Bathroom Blogfest 2011Might you be ready to 'climb out' of your routine next week? If yes, I invite you to take part in Bathroom Blogfest 2011 which takes place from Monday, October 24 through Friday, October 28, 2011.

I last referred to Bathroom Blogfest in Customer Experience and Bathroom Blogfest 2011. It's a yearly event that focuses on the customer or user experience from a multitude of perspectives. You can learn more by visiting the Bathroom Blogfest Blog page on this website.

I've been involved in it since the very beginning in 2006. Yes, it's fun and very social - the list of participants has grown significantly [check out the grid below] and most return year after year.

It's intensely creative - not just anyone can figure out how to relate bathrooms, the yearly theme and an individual blog's perspective coherently via content!

It's also an opportunity to experiment with and experience different aspects of social media marketing.

Case in point: for Bathroom Blogfest 2011, we will be involved in a Twitter Chat - an online exchange of 140 character comments done via Twitter between people interested in a common topic. [See How Do I Do a Twitter Chat?] More specifically, Professor Toilet and I will be co-hosting #kbtribechat and discussing "Rethinking the Bathroom" on October 26, 2011.

#kbtribechat takes place every Wednesday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST, live on Twitter, with Kitchen & Bath industry companies and professionals who explore a different topic each week. Topics range from Kitchen & Bath industry trends, advice on how to run a small to medium sized business, design trends, the relevance of green, etc... 

#kbtribechat works as a guided discussion. The @KBTribeChat moderator asks questions prefaced with “Q1:”.  Participants respond with “A1:” and the hashtag #kbtribechat. Anyone interested can follow along and provide insights, experiences, and answers.

To participate in #kbtribechat, search on #kbtribechat in Twitter or your favorite Twitter client [e.g., TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic, Twitterific (MAC)]. Another resource is TweetChat.

Most wonderful is that a transcript of each #kbtribechat will be posted so you can review the overall session and revisit insights.

Special thanks to #kbtribechat founders @hafeleamerica and @cabinetmakers.

I hope you'll consider joining in on #kbtribechat as well as Bathroom Blogfest. Do check out the bloggers listed below who are participating in Bathroom Blogfest 2011: Climbing Out! or visit

Name Blog Name Blog URL
Susan Abbott Customer Experience Crossroads
Paul Anater Kitchen and Residential Design
Shannon Bilby From the Floors Up
Toby Bloomberg Diva Marketing
Laurence Borel Blog Till You Drop
Bill Buyok Avente Tile Talk
Jeanne Byington The Importance of Earnest Service
Becky Carroll Customers Rock!
Katie Clark Practical Katie
Nora DePalma O'Reilly DePalma: The Blog
Paul Friederichsen The BrandBiz Blog
Tish Grier The Constant Observer
Elizabeth Hise Flooring The Consumer
Emily Hooper Floor Covering News Blog
Diane Kazan Urban Design Renovation
Joseph Michelli Dr. Joseph Michelli’s Blog
Veronika Miller Modenus Blog
Arpi Nalbandian Tile Magazine Editors' Blog
David Polinchock Polinchock's Ponderings
Professor Toilet American Standard's Professor Toilet
David Reich my 2 cents
Victoria Redshaw & Shelley Pond Scarlet Opus Trends Blog
Sandy Renshaw Purple Wren
Bethany Richmond Carpet and Rug Institute Blog
Bruce D. Sanders RIMtailing
Paige Smith Neuse Tile Service blog
Stephanie Weaver Experienceology
Christine B. Whittemore Content Talks Business Blog
Christine B. Whittemore Smoke Rise & Kinnelon Blog
Christine B. Whittemore Simple Marketing Blog
Ted Whittemore Working Computers
Chris Woelfel Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co.
Patty Woodland Broken Teepee
Denise Lee Yohn brand as business bites

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