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Content Marketing Examples of 2011

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Dec 20, 2011 1:10:00 PM

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Content Marketing Wisdom: CMI 2011The Content Marketing Institute has been sharing wisdom from its contributors in a wonderful series of crowd-sourced posts about content marketing. Have you had a chance to read them?

This one - Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 - is a goldmine! It details favorite content marketing examples from:

Joe Chernov -'s series of mini-graphics

Darryl Praill - Protus

Clare McDermott - Whole Foods

Russ Henneberry - Urban Martial Arts blog and Arch City Homes

Amanda Maksymiw - AtTask

Ahava Leibtag - Amazon Kindle Fire introduction

Jason Falls - University of Louisville Hospital

Doug Kessler - GE Show

Scott Aughtmon - American Pickers

Joe Pulizzi - Openview Labs, LEGO

Anna Ritchie - the Social Network Decision Tree

Arnie Kuenn - Orabrush

Sarah Mitchell - the Australian Mines and Metals Association

Nenad Senic - Financial Advice by NLB, the biggest Slovenian bank

Toby Murdock - fashion and beauty sector examples

Gilad de Vries - examples from GE, Unilever, P&G, Liberty Mutual and General Mills

Tracy Gold - Nightmares Fear Factory [a haunted house!]

Jon Thomas - Endless Vacation

James Gross - Redbull's Art of the Flight

Here is the Content Marketing Example I shared:

I particularly love data that tells a story. FastCompany does a beautiful job via its “Infographic of the Day” showcasing data while telling a story. Here’s a recent example that features interactive maps created by Trulia and featured on theTrulia blog. [Trulia, by the way, is another example of a company that has radically reinvented a category - real estate - by making data meaningful for home buyers through content.]  From FastCoDesign: Infographic Of The Day: How Men And Women Differ When Making Big Sales [i.e., real estate]. Note how the FastCompany article provides context and meaning so the reader can’t help but want to explore the interactive charts… and share it with others. Do  you think the data reflects how you buy real estate?

CB Whittemore (@cbwhittemore)

What is your favorite Content Marketing Example of 2011? What do you think of the examples captured in CMI's blog article?

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