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27 Content Marketing Quick Tips from the Experts!

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Jan 12, 2012 9:45:00 AM

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CMI Content Marketing Quick TipsThe Content Marketing Institute contributor crowd-sourced blog articles continue. Not only have we seen Content Marketing Examples of 2011, and 26 Favorite Content Marketing Lessons from 2011, but we also - in this article - get to read about Content Marketing Quick Tips: CMI Contributors Share Their Favorites.

No surprise: you will find valuable tips from these Content Marketing experts!

Tips for Creating Memorable Content

Be specific, simple and memorable with your content says Joe Chernov

Use graphics and words to be appealing, entertaining and informative says John Bottom

Get attention for your content with good headlines says Russ Henneberry

Commit to a content editorial calendar to create content on a regular basis says Manya Chylinski

Use stories to create powerful content says Scott Aughtmon

Ask yourself would your reader find so much value in your content that s/he would forward it to someone else asks Jessica Eastman

Take your executive team through a visual content audit says Joe Pulizzi

Create content that answers the kind of questions being asked on Yahoo Answers says Arnie Kuenn

Find freelance journalists to support your content marketing creation says Sarah Mitchell

Ask why your audience should care about your content says Stephanie Tilton

Tap into your organization for customer-relevant content marketing ideas says Toby Murdock

Tips for Making the Most out of your Content Marketing

Produce webinars and be sure to multipurpose the content says Darryl Praill

Don't forget to include a contextually relevant call to action, with an unique tracking code, in your content says Heidi Cohen

Find quick, easy ways to repurpose every bit of content you develop says Tom Pisello

Remember to personally thank those on Twitter who willingly share your content says Nate Riggs 

Don't underestimate the value of live, face-to-face events, clinics, and workshops as opportunities for content marketing says Russell Sparkman

Tips for Content Marketing Ideas

Carry a notebook with you to capture brilliant content marketing ideas says Amanda Maksymiw

Mine your favorite Twitter hashtags for relevant and insightful content ideas says Ahava Leibtag

Brainstorm content ideas by finding parallels to a concert at a performing arts center says Jason Falls

Use TweetDeck to learn about new markets [via search and hashtags], to monitor topics of inteterst, to share content and to reach out to fellow marketers says Doug Kessler

For sources of content inspiration, use Google Reader and instapaper says James Gross

Use 'Dragon Dictation' app to help transcribe interviews in real-time says David Huffman

Pre-schedule tweets and Facebook updates with Bufferapp says Katie McCaskey

Be ready with a digital video cam to capture serendipitous content opportunities says Michael Kolowich

Set up Google alerts for keywords or topics relevant to your business says Anna Ritchie

Have tools ready to capture content ideas - e.g., Google Voice, Dragon Dictation - says Will Davis

Here's my advice for creating memorable content:

Always be thinking: how does this content benefit my audience?

What is your favorite content marketing tip? What do you think of the advice above? What would you add to this list?

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