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Building Trust With Customers Online: TalkFloor Interview Part 5

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Jan 19, 2012 2:10:00 PM

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Building Trust With Customers OnlineBuilding trust with customers may be one of the most critical aspects of business. This is true not just in a traditional sense where relationships are built through in person interactions, but also online where more and more prospects begin the purchase process. It's a really big deal, especially when you place yourself in your customers' shoes and think about the potential risk being taken in doing business with an unknown entity...

Here are four ideas to consider based on part 5 of my ongoing Retail Websites interview series with TalkFloor's Dave Foster explores Building Trust with Customers Online. The interview is 16 minutes long.

Dave describes the interview as follows:

Christine B Whittemore, Simple Marketing Now in an ongoing series evaluating some of the industry’s retail websites discusses the elements of sites that express credibility and trustworthiness to the consumer including the use of social icons, the degree of optimization on the site and the efficiency of blogging.

Customers, whether online or in-store, look for clues to determine whether they can trust you and should do business with you. What are those clues? Are you sensitive to them? Have you looked at your website and business with a fresh pair of eyes? Here are four ideas to get your thinking...

  • Does your website express your human side? Do you include information about who you are? What about photos and links to your LinkedIn profile? People make businesses come to life. Does your business employ real people?
  • Do you identify who speaks on your behalf in your digital communications? Who's publishing updates on Twitter or Facebook? What about your blog? Do you include pictures of your people?
  • Do you have a plan for fresh, ongoing and relevant content? Are you prepared to interact with visitors, friends, fans, followers and customers who leave you messages? A plan ensures that you don't create negative feelings for your visitors...

Your turn. What do you look for when you seek signs of trustworthiness?

How do you go about building trust with your customers online? How do you avoid being perceived as a 'scumbag'?

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