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Content Curation: Making Meaning Out of Chaos at Info360

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on May 16, 2012 9:45:00 AM

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Interesting to apply the concept of 'curator' - often associated with a museum - to content online. Given the proliferation of articles, resources and information available online at the click of a mouse, 'curating' and providing context is a sure way to make meaning for customers out of online chaos.

That notion is at the heart of Content Curation: Making Meaning Out of Chaos, a panel discussion taking place at Info360 in NYC on June 14 from 1:55pm to 2:40pm at Javits Center, in NYC. Joining me for this conversation are two content creation, curation and context experts:

Content Curation: Making Meaning Out of Chaos Description

Here's how I describe the Content Curation: Making Meaning Out of Chaos session:

Some say ‘content is king’. However, if customers ‘drown’ trying to find content and companies can’t be found because of content proliferation, the solution has more to do with content curation and making meaning out of existing content chaos rather than just creating more.

During this panel presentation, you will hear experts in content creation and content curation discuss how to bring meaning to content so end users/customers and businesses can actually connect.

  • Learn why marketers use content curation and the resulting benefits
  • Understand how content curation is evolving as content proliferates
  • Explore best practices for content curation success

Info360 Background Information

Are you familiar with Info360? It is the "longest running enterprise content management software conference & expo in the industry. It’s about helping enterprise IT buyers find better ways to communicate and collaborate, make the right information available to the right people when and where they need it and making enterprise technology easier to buy and more productive to use. Topics and solution providers address Social Business, Enterprise Collaboration, Mobile Business, ECM, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Apps, Web Content Management, SharePoint, Data Capture and Compliance/Information Governance."

The Info360 conference takes place June 12-14, 2012 and Expo June 13-14.

I'm excited about exploring with Pawan, Arnold and our audience what content curation is and how it benefits not just businesses, but also customers. 

Special thanks to Sue McKittrick, whose fascinating presentation at Content World 2011 [see Content Curation: The Art of Creating a Buying Community Online] set the stage for this presentation.

Content Curation Questions for You:

What is your definition of 'content curation'?

Do you 'curate' content on a regular basis?

What benefits have you seen? 


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