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22 Inbound Marketing Assessment Questions

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Aug 21, 2012 9:43:00 AM

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Inbound marketing helps your business get found online; it helps your website generate leads which you can nurture into becoming customers; it requires that you analyze your data so you know what works and what needs to be improved.

It builds off of remarkable and compelling content that addresses the questions and issues that customers have related to your business, brand, category and expertise. It's much more effective that traditional outbound marketing and definitely worth embracing whole-heartedly!

However, if you aren't sure whether inbound marketing makes sense for you, you'll want to consider the following 20 observations and assessment questions.

Are you Getting Found Online with Inbound Marketing

1. How are you getting found online?

2. Is your online website content attracting traffic? Is it your blog?

3. Have you established social profiles? Do you share content through social networks?

4. Is your website optimized for search engines [i.e., SEO]?

5. Have you identified personas for your business?

6. What are your keywords?

7. How well do you understand your personas' buying cycle?

8. If you look at your Google Analytics data, what do the keyword, referral sources and top content pages tell you? Are keywords all focused on your company name? Are referral sources only paid sources? 

Does Your Website Generate Inbound Marketing Leads for your Business?

9. Does your website generate leads for your business?

10. Does your website include 'conversion' forms where visitors can leave an email address in exchange for content?

11. Do you offer deeper content? [i.e., a how-to guide, tip sheet, bundle of related services...]

12. Do you use Landing Pages [where site navigation has been removed] to describe the benefits associated with your offer?

13. Do you include Calls To Action (CTA) throughout your website, and particularly on your highest trafficked pages?

14. Do you include CTAs in blog articles?

15. Do you promote your offers on your social networks?

How Does Your Business Nurture Inbound Marketing Leads? 

16. Do you follow up with leads your website has generated?

17. Do  you send our a monthly email newsletter?

18. Have you created automated email messages that are relevant to the recipient based on the offer downloaded?

How Do You Analyze Your Inbound Marketing Progress?

19. Do you regularly [at least monthly] review your analytics?

20. Have you set up goals for your business?

21. Do you use tracking URLs in your email communications?

22. Do you test new approaches on a regular basis?

Based on these questions, do you think inbound marketing might be just right for your business? Are there other questions you would add to this inbound marketing assessment? Let me know. 

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