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What's New from INBOUND 12: HubSpot 3, Inbound Marketing Wisdom

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Aug 30, 2012 9:47:00 AM

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What's New from INBOUND 12: HubSpot 3, Inbound Marketing Wisdom

Imagine spending 3.5 days interacting with a large number – think ~2600+ of people who share with you a strong passion for the kind of marketing that is about attracting prospects who might be interested in your business rather than forcing yourself on them. Yes, many of them do HubSpot for inbound marketing.

They are fierce about growing their business, for doing online marketing that supports that business and engages potential customers, and for using analytics to make informed decisions. These are marketers who create marketing that people love! 

That captures what INBOUND 12 is about. This group of marketers believes in inbound marketing. These marketers believe in creating remarkable content to get found online. They think about the online customer experience, and which stage of the purchase process website visitors are in. They try to walk in their customers' shoes so they understand questions and pain points. They use that knowledge to create content focused on educating, enlightening and solving problems.

Some INBOUND 12 highlights to share with you so you, too, get a sense for what I’m immersed in and jazzed about:

  • Use data to be smarter: look at which blog articles attract visitors, which pages they visit on your website, which Calls to Action generate leads, which offers convert leads. 
  • Find opportunities to get data if you don’t have it: use a URL builder to capture tracking information related to links and offers in your content.
  • Look for patterns in your data: what kinds of topics resonate, which content formats appeal, which wording converts preferentially on a landing page or a call to action button.
  • Don’t think in terms of short-term campaigns. Rather, think in terms of the long haul, of an on-going process where you get better over time because you rely on data and insights to keep you on strategy.
  • Remarkable content isn’t canned or stale or stiff. Let your personality come through; be true to your organization’s personality and let humanity come through [for the same reason, banish stock photography from your website. Better to use photos of real people in your organization.]
  • Be relevant to your prospects and customers.
  • Focus on your customers’ problems and not on the competition. Stay focused on your customers; don’t get distracted.
  • Use content to pull people in and then context to pull people through your sales funnel. Create context with your marketing, on your website, using dynamic content that changes based on visitor behavior. All this is possible using the just launched HubSpot 3 software – announced at INBOUND12 and filled with delicious smart tools! See for lots more details. So, so cool!] 

I love this quote: “Success is making those who believe in you brilliant.”

Imagine making your customers brilliant just because they believe in you. That’s what I want to do.

I hope you do, too…


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