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Content Talks Business Blog

Top 11 Digital, Content and Inbound Marketing Articles of 2012

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on Dec 26, 2012 10:18:00 AM

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Content Talks Business

After the intensity of a full work year, it's fun to look back on it all and evaluate the content that has attracted the most readers.

You'll find here the top eleven articles published on Content Talks Business, organized by category. 

[By the way, I'll do a similar listing on Flooring The Consumer.] 


Social Media and Content Marketing Examples 

100+ Case Studies: Social Media Marketing Examples

200+ Case Studies: Social Media and Content Marketing Examples


Practical Wisdom for Success With Digital Marketing

How Do I Get More Business? 13 Tips

How To Do Bad Social Media: 10 Examples

Why Get Found Online With Blogs vs. Facebook or Twitter?

Urban Outfitters: Online Marketing Advice


How the Zero Moment of Truth Fits Into Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing and ZMOT: Perfect Together?

Why ZMOT is Relevant for B2B Marketing: 4 Data-Based Reasons


Connecting With Customers

Connecting With Customers and Communities

Remarkable Customer Experience, Pike Place Fish Market Style

Crafting Contagious Content Marketing: Jonah Berger's ASPECTS


Would you like more of the same for 2013? Or, do you have new burning questions? I welcome your questions and ideas for content to highlight in 2013.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2013! 


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