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New Business Blogging Guide From Simple Marketing Now!

Posted by Christine B. Whittemore on May 29, 2013 9:45:00 AM

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Big news! We have a new business blogging guide from Simple Marketing Now to share with you!

I'm particularly excited about this blogging guide because I believe so intensely in the value of a blog for a business (and not just because I've been blogging since 2006...). After all, it's the digital equivalent of a printing press.

Which means that, with a blog, a business can easily publish information that specific customers will find useful and valuable, and will return to, and eventually want to do business with. 

With a blog, a business can easily create dynamic and fresh content which signals to search engines that they (or their spiders) come visit (aka crawl) and check out the new content associated with the website. If they like it, they'll make note of (aka index) that new content and match it up to relevant search queries from potential customers.

A business blog is a powerful business asset.

This new business blogging guide is titled Simple Marketing Now's Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Business BlogIt's 22 pages long and broken into the following four parts:

  • Understanding blog marketing
  • Attracting visitors to your blog
  • Converting blog visitors to subscribers
  • Leveraging your business blog evangelists

As much as I love blogs and consider them invaluable to a business, I'm aware how resource intensive they are. For that reason, the more a business blog reflects customer issues and business priorities, the more likely it is to be nurtured and sustained and valued as a critical business asset.

Which means that it's critical for a business to think strategically about how a blog integrates into the overall business. This business blogging guide will help.

I invite you to download the guide. Let me know what you think and whether it inspires your business to embrace blogging.

Ready to Grow and Scale Your Blog? Click Here to Download the Business Blogging Guide!

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